30 Day Supernatural Challenge

Day 02 - Your least favorite character

Even though i hated Uriel,Dick and Lisa i just couldn’ bear Anna….sorry not sorry

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Best of Supernatural BTS

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Anna Milton 4x09

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fvckthisreality asked:
Does Anna and Meg get along?
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Supernatural Ladies-Anna Milton
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This is how bored my lab partner and I get in AP biology.

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I love drawing wings but I can’t

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And in the spring I shed my skin
And it blows away with the changing wind

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was working on the last part of my Anna meta today. got sidetracked by Dean/Anna feels. whoops. dumped them into a playlist. whoops. this is so embarrassinggggg someone take 8tracks away from me [listen]

The Wailin’ Jennys Some Good Thing | The Guggenheim Grotto I Think I Love You | Kathleen Edwards Sidecar | Josh Ritter Good Man | Mates of State Long Way Home | Bruce Springsteen Human Touch | Pat Benatar Shadows of the Night | Led Zeppelin Thank You

as you can see it gets increasingly ridiculous and self-indulgent

(but, but, but, see, I might not have nearly the same intensity of shippy feelings towards them were it not for the existence of “Human Touch.” *buries face in hands and sobs quietly*)

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