"My grace. It’s - energy. Hacked it out and fell."

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I had to break the window
It was in my way
Better that I break the window
Than miss what I should see.
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castiel graphics challenge 
imwalkingblasphemy vs. waywardangelsandhunters
prompt: Neon Knights - Black Sabbath
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Baby, you’re stealing my best line

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spn ladies

↳ season 4 (part 2)

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anna milton appreciation life 1/?

partly inspired by (x)

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SPN MEME: [1/3] Angels // Anna Milton

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Anna? Do you know where you are? You’re at the Connor Beverly Behavioral Medicine Center. Do you know why you’re here? Do you remember what you did? You were hysterical. It took four people to restrain you.

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do u remember her?

i’ve just found a very nice fan art in pixiv, hope that no one posted it before.

the one who drew this is 幻夢界のフラワーマスター, and here's the link of the picture

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